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Michelle Pellizzon: Epilepsy as Superpower, Staying Curious, and Accessible Wellness


I love this honest, funny, in-depth episode with Michelle Pellizon, founder of Holisticism, a platform for accessible wellness. We take a deep dive into our individual experiences with epilepsy and many other grounded and trippy things. We discuss:

  • how Michelle and I met

  • our individual experiences with epilepsy and seizures

  • epilepsy as information + superpower

  • reframing disease

  • alignment with soul purpose

  • accessibility in wellness

  • awareness of various kinds of privilege in the wellness space + beyond

  • the evolution of Holisticism

  • challenging the wellness status quo

  • taking shame out of the health equation

  • Michelle’s experience with sleep paralysis + acceptance

  • consistent curiosity as optimism, business strategy, and life outlook

  • Find Michelle:

  • holisticism

  • Michelle’s instagram

  • holisticism’s instagram

emmalea russo