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Ariana Reines: Poetry, Time Travel, and A Sand Book


I wanted to ask Ariana Reines many things. In the end, I let our conversation take us where it wanted. We talked of poetry, the birthing process, the writing of A Sand Book, our antennas, time traveling, and dreams. Please do listen to the full episode, as Ariana reads from her book at the end and it’s numinous.

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Named one of Flavorwire's 100 best living writers and "a crucial voice of her generation" by Michael Silverblatt, Ariana Reines is a poet, Obie-winning playwright, performing artist, and translator.  Her newest book is A Sand Book, out June 18 from Tin House.  She keeps a private astrology practice at lazyeyehaver.com & constantly performs & teaches around the world.

emmalea russo