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Sima Morrison: Balance, Getting Back to Nature, and Living in Service


I loved chatting with Sima about striving for balance, activism, getting back to nature, the problems with the food system, expansiveness, and more.

Sima Morrison, founder of House of Citrine, is a vibrant soul with a potent zest for life and the beauty in its simple pleasures. As a holistic nutritionist and herbalism student, Sima has made it her life's journey to experience, to empower, and to explore the synergy between the mind and the body, embracing the liberty and power of mindful living. Sima works with conscious brands and educates people about healing the body at a soul level. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Science in Public Health Education from California State University Northridge and studied Holistic Nutrition at The Natural Healing Institute.

In this episode, Sima and Emmalea chat about:

  • Sima’s experience with the Medical Medium Protocol

  • Finding balance in wellness

  • Accessibility in the wellness world

  • Emmalea talks about Sima’s natal chart

  • Jupiter and expansiveness

  • The importance of living a life of service

  • Taurus season, our food system, and getting back to nature

  • Sima’s essential self-care rituals

  • Keeping it simple

  • Find Sima: House of Citrine

  • Instagram: @houseofcitrine + @sima.morrison

emmalea russo