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At 4:31am EDT, the full strawberry moon arrives in its full cumulative red-hued power. This moon is illuminating the opposite sign of our sun. While our sun hangs in the final days of Gemini, the moon is at maximum fullness in the fire sign of Sagittarius. The conversation between these polarities is about knowledge. Concrete and abstract knowledge, knowledge of our communities and knowledge of the world. How do we work with this moon?

Elias Chasiotis on August 7, 2017 @ Sounion, Greece

Elias Chasiotis on August 7, 2017 @ Sounion, Greece


The sun and the moon, the solar system’s two luminaries, are our life force. They are the lights by which the Earth spins and the lights to which our consciousness waxes and wanes. As such, when we pay attention to their changes, we too gain knowledge about our own changes. This is not new. This is a process of remembering what humans have been doing for thousands of years. It’s as simple as looking up at the sky and noticing. Our eyes need the nuanced light of the sun and moon in their many modes and phases.


The moon is full on June 17th, reaching its max magical power in the ultra forward-thinking and pointing sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius contains the multitudes and adventure of this action: the pulling back of the bow and the releasing of the arrow. Sagittarius scatters the knowledge that Gemini accumulated and asks, what is higher than the mind? Where can my mind go to expand? To become one with the body, spirit, and galaxy? Sag is about long distance travel of every sort — travels to foreign lands, integration of foreign ideas, and jaunts to the deep recesses and faraway lands of your mind. Think: The Wizard of Oz and think again of Return to Oz. Distant, overseas, exotic, outlandish, outside, removed. These are all words for foreign. This is how growth happens: through encountering of destabilizing forces, the arrow travels to new lands and can’t be totally sure of what will happen when it lands.

Remember the darkness of Oz? Its many eerie and unsettling qualities? There’s no place like home; but we don’t know that until we are far, far away. Even if it’s in dreamtime. There is no growth without integration of what’s foreign. The full moon illuminates this lesson and as Sag pulls back on the bow, for Sag knows that destabilization is the road to growth. Leave something behind. Another way to say this; Bring what is unknown to the center and shed some full moon light on the thing. Before casting a judgment, as what it has to teach you. On another culmination note, our sun, heart of the zodiac, is moving towards its zenith point wherein we, in the northern hemisphere, will experience maximum light. The longest day of the year is June 21st. More on the solstice later this week….

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What have you often wondered about but not gone after?

What is your direction?

Where do you travel?

How are you free?

By what are you bound?

When are you outside of your comfort zone?

How do you illuminate what’s marginalized?


While the day of the full moon is a major lit-up power spot, there is always a release after a culmination of energy. In the days following June 17, the moon will wane and release its light and so we will release. What do you want to banish? This is the time to figure out what you want to shimmy out from under and how you can let it go in the coming weeks. What’s inhibiting your growth and preventing the arrow from bursting forth? We can’t pull back on the bow forever. It’s simply not sustainable.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is associated with Jupiter, ruling planet of Sagittarius. How can we move forward? Change. Luck. The unexpected. Will vs. fate.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is associated with Jupiter, ruling planet of Sagittarius. How can we move forward? Change. Luck. The unexpected. Will vs. fate.


As early as the 27000 BC, humans were creating lunar markings in connection with the menstrual cycle. We’ve always known that this energy gives us serious access and so the full moon is a good time to get witchy, to rest, to do rituals, and to tune into your body. What do I mean by this? Intuition is a form of remembering. It’s easy to internalize the values of our culture which are often imbued with patriarchal values, more credence is given to knowledge — mind stuff, facts, memorization, categorization, and severing. The full moon is an access point where the moon is lit up with the energy of the past month, of all the months, of the forever lunar wanderings, as our moon collects all of the planetary energies and gives them back to us, as our emissary offers access to all planetary energies.

Sagittarius is where knowledge becomes intuition or wisdom. Knowledge that is translinguistic. It’s beyond any language. We’ve always known. But we have to actively remember, to decondition from the patriarchy of the mind. Rest, pay attention, tune in, and then start to release and make space for what’s coming. These expansions and contractions are the rhythm of life itself and when we align with it, our minds-bodies-spirits get more synced. The wheel of fortune, the lunation cycles, and the zodiac remind us that there is no end to knowledge or intuition, as there is no end to life. After the moon reaches its fullest and most luminous, it begins the slow wane towards darkness. Rinse and repeat. The arrow of Sagittarius points forward but forward within the zodiacal paradigm is wherever growth must happen. The arrow lands and we move towards it. We spin the wheel and go again, uprooting the arrow.


Gather up that which you’ve made progress on and give it air. Let it rest. For the next two weeks, release what is not needed. Edit. Pair down. Get to the root of the project. Practice non-attachment. On the new moon, begin the work again of adding to the project. The lesson: When used mindfully, addition and subtraction are both growth-promoting. Spin the wheel.

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