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Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is the mythical inventor of astrology and writing. To celebrate our last two weeks in the sign of the twins, here’s how to access the magical mental energy of Gemini through every astrological sign.

ARIES: Youthful courage and boldness are your brand and so cruise into Mercury’s vastness with your motorcycle and ride through miles of desert. As you brush the dust off your face and horns, notice what your mind does with those remnants. Send word from the brazen edges.

TAURUS: The earth is still here and so are you. Your key to the Emerald City is through the very greenery on which you tread, your inner knowledge of the inseparability of body from earth. Pay attention to what grows up towards the sun and ask from whence it came and then tell the rest of us.

GEMINI: Remember the white lodge and the black lodge of Twin Peaks fame? The eerie remembrance of forgetting? Sometimes depth and breadth are the same thing, two points on the same twin. Watch the exact point where your thoughts go magical and query. Send word from the lodge.

CANCER: It’s too easy to overlook the beginning of water, those womb waters that were once home to us all. Be both the water and the faucet. How do you translate them to each other? What watery brain meanderings can get you to the promised land? Let logic deliquesce for a moment and bring us buckets of water from your flood of ideas.

LEO: Your mind is in your heart, sovereign, haughty-headed, and hottie-headed. We love to look up at you from above but also like to be eye-level with your feline brow, your omnipresent mane. What self are you expressing and how does that self translate to the collective and back again? What do you revere?

VIRGO: The tea kettle is boiling, there are clothes on the floor, there’s wheat to separate from the chaff and emails to sort. There’s poetry, Virgo, in your daily mercurial overwhelms, your wanderings and wonderings of earthly matters. Use your editorial impulse to create space where once there was none.

LIBRA: There can be no beauty without justice and so too no justice without beauty. Your gorgeous sorcery happens somewhere in the midst of a decision-making process. Pause here and look into the crystal ball of lady justice. Tell us our options.

SCORPIO: The underworld is one way into the mind and the only way out is down. Bring us some of those pomegranate seeds from Hades, as no one knows the seduction and terror of that god quite like you.

SAGITTARIUS: What does it mean to have higher knowledge and what then is above the sky? If it’s ether we’re after than you know the path. Wonder at the difference between zooming in and zooming out. Perform advanced camera work and make copies of the footage.

CAPRICORN: When the structure is a prism through which all knowledge filters, the structure gets the strange dregs of magical thoughts. Lean into the structure and clean the filter. Take notes on the oddities of prismatic universes present in the very structure that holds us. Show us how to pay attention to that which we rely upon.

AQUARIUS: Your mind is the cool, clear middle of winter. Don’t be afraid to mess it up with mercurial wonderings. The collective needs you to examine all possible options, for your composure is the seed of your witchcraft. What wild meanderings can come from what’s frozen over and fixed in place? Send us your frozen treasures.

PISCES: You make floating look so easy. What sights have your Piscean eyes beheld while staring up at the heavens from the water’s surface? Now is the time to remember. Swim inland and tell us of the heavens and then swim down and tell us what’s beneath the water’s surface, farther down than we care to dip. Send word from the coast.

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