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Uranian Taurus Season: We Are Nature

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The earth is so close to us that we sometimes can’t see it. In fact, all of astrology is built upon a geocentric point of view, i.e. from our view here on earth. Taurus season commenced on April 20th and during the middle of spring in the northern hemisphere, it’s often impossible not to pay a little more attention to the planet on which we walk, eat, live, exist. Our surroundings are in bloom, things are getting lush, and we’re IN IT. Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac is this very earthly and bodily energy that urges us, if gently, to look at how we interact with our planet, selves, and fellow earthlings.

Taurus is of the earth and for the earth. I think of it as the earthiest of the earth signs, when the ground is super fertile and even those of us who don’t fancy ourselves outdoorsy are marveling at what sounds, smells, and sights the earth offers. Taurus is slow, feminine, receptive. Think Mother Earth. Think of the stubbornness, the strength of the bull. Venus, ruler of Taurus, is an internal beauty-barometer. The Venus in us gives a yes or a no based on how something looks and the way it makes our bodies feel. It’s sensual and intuitive, craves harmony, and knows that humans are not just of nature, we are nature. But the Venusian intuition is easily muddied by contemporary culture and all that it throws at our overburdened nervous systems. Taurus says stop, look, and ask the earth what it needs.

Whereas its preceding sign, Aries, generates energy — Taurus contains that energy, holds space for growth. As we move from Aries to Taurus on the zodiacal wheel, our attention turns from identifying ourselves to identifying what we possess, consume, value, and how we use, abuse, conserve, and value our resources. The word depletion comes to mind. Example: Industrial agriculture depletes our soil and so our bodies are depleted of minerals and vital nutrients.

When I say possessions, values, and resources, I mean absolutely anything that can be considered an exchangeable form of energy — money, earthly possessions, time, space, food, attention, labor of any kind, on and on. The energy that we’ve felt for the past month has been that of birth — Aries signifies the birth of spring, a seriously fiery energy that propels us forward even if we’re not comfortable with it. Aries has ninety-nine problems, but aversion to change is not one. Taurus comes in and HOLDS the space so that growth can happen and in fact, isn’t so much concerned with moving the energy. It wants to conserve, preserve, and allow the nutrients to build. On April 20th, the modality shifted from cardinal fire (momentum, energy-generating) to fixed earth (slow and steady wins the race). We associate the bull with the Taurean archetype, powerful, strong, and not easily moveable. That famous bronze bull in Manhattan’s financial district represents “financial optimism” read: capitalism. Let’s dwell (and Taurus loves to dwell) here for a second.

Bulls are wild, huge, powerful creatures. In many ways, more powerful than the human animal. Bulls are not for or against capitalism and in fact, don’t know what the f*ck it is. Humans reel the bull in, bronze it, and place it in the epicenter of consumerism, using it as a way to say hey we’re fearless, we’re in a bull market (i.e. stocks tending to increase in value over a period of time). The bull, like the cow or the pig or the human or, say, Earth, is considered a marketable, controllable resource in a capitalist society — a good to be used and exchanged ad nauseam.

Picasso, Still Life with Bull Skull, 1936. (Completed last time Uranus was in Taurus)

Picasso, Still Life with Bull Skull, 1936. (Completed last time Uranus was in Taurus)

To give you a sense of where my head’s at, I just googled “capitalism + mental illness.” This is the kind of thing that Uranus in Taurus (we’ll get to that in a minute) propels a girl to google. The first result:

Capitalism is as much an inequality-generating system as it is a mental illness producing system. As a (Royal College of Psychiatrists) report noted: ‘Inequality is a major determinant of mental illness: the greater the level of inequality, the worse the health outcomes.’

It’s hard to talk about Taurus without talking about Uranus, which recently took up residence there and will transit for the next eight (yes eight) years. More on that here, and more to come, as this transit will last through 2026. My Mercury in Libra wants to say here that there is perhaps a kind of capitalism that is not so extreme or so mental-illness generating and I don’t claim to be outside of this system, as it’s the system in which we live. However, Uranus in Taurus asks us and will continue to ask us why and what and how we’re doing within this system and illuminate its destructive tendencies for everyone — even those, or perhaps especially those, who have their eyes closed to its drawbacks.

Uranus working its magic.

Uranus working its magic.

Uranus is the great disruptor, the electrical force that propels humanity forward and as such, the most difficult (impossible) planetary energy to predict or control. Uranian electricity moves us forward and destroys structures that aren’t serving humanity. It was last seen in Taurus from 1934-1942, when the following was happening: The Dust Bowl, the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous, World War II, the Golden Gate Bridge, Orson Welles’ The War of the Worlds broadcast, regular commercial television, automatic transmission in cars, and the attack on Pearl Harbor. To name a few.


Are you noticing a theme? Uranus loves technological advances (the planet of electricity and mental health studies) and doesn’t love structures that aren’t for humanity. Pro-humanity. Read: Capitalism as a mental-illness-generating system wherein humans, animals, and the earth are seen primarily as marketable goods. This system, like many systems, keeps us separate and Uranus is all about the collective. When we come together, we make progress. When we isolate, not so much. Uranus is innovative, imaginative, and radical and sees things that we cannot possibly see. I can’t tell you what the next eight years will bring but we can look back at 1934-1942 and note that yes, those were dark times but also yes, innovation and radical change happened.

Uranus will likely revolutionize our value systems, personally and collectively. Read: agriculture systems, how we eat, the way we live (communes?), freedom from capitalism, changes to the way we regard the planet on which we live, mental health gains, and the overturning of the patriarchy. In my conversation with Patti Clark, we chatted a little about Uranus in Taurus (hint: rooftop gardens). What do we value? How do we use our resources to move towards more sustainable models? How are we helping or hurting humanity and the planet? In short — trust Uranus its electrical impulses, its propensity to propel us out of darkness, as its Taurean placement will bring increased attention to that which we (and our planet) needs to move forward.

We’ve only just begun…

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