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To Mind and Mend Your Head with Aries Energy


Each zodiacal sign has rulership over parts of the human body and Aries, as the first sign (we come into the world headfirst) rules the head, brain, and eyes. Tremendously energetic, the challenge of Aries and Aries season is to use this energy in ways that move things forward in a positive way. Or, in such a way that it doesn’t feel as if you’re ramming, quite literally, your head against a wall or running around in circles. Aries is more magical than we might think, as it also has rulership over the third eye. Here, I talk about my intuitive associations with Aries — Oliver Sacks’ writing on the brain, how we learn about ourselves through mental affliction, Georgia O’Keeffe’s iconic ram head, Aries as (re)birth opportunity, and the eerily heady Return to Oz. Come journey with me!

I often associate Aries with anger. Whereas Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, is more of a wallowing or sadness, an all-encompassing depression, when Aries experiences negative emotions, it’s fueled with fiery energy. Have you ever heard someone say sadness is just anger without the energy? As such, the afflicted Aries energy can show up as throbbing in the head, migraines, head injuries, anger, and the like.

When I talk about Aries, I’m not necessarily talking about people born under the sun sign of Aries. I’m talking about the Aries archetype and energy, which we are all charged with right now, as we’re in the middle of the season of the ram. Some say that Aries rules the third eye or the pineal gland, as well. When we’re too caught up in the physical realms, i.e. what we see with our literal eyes, the third eye can get rusty and/or we start to distrust information we receive from seemingly invisible places or spaces. I’m thinking of my favorite Georgia O’Keeffe painting, Ram’s Head with Hollyhock, which is essentially a floating skeleton of a ram’s head juxtaposed with a hollyhock flower against eerie desert. When I saw it in person, I literally gasped. It was unassuming and situated in the corner of the museum. Everyone else was near the larger paintings, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the floating ram.

Ram’s Head with Hollyhock, Georgia O’Keeffe. 1935.

Ram’s Head with Hollyhock, Georgia O’Keeffe. 1935.

I love the eerie rebirth aspect of it — the huge skeletal figure rising above the dry masses of land. To me, it feels like Aries at its most mature. So too, Aries has seen some stuff, been through some madnesses and deaths. In fact, the Aries energy has made its way around the entire zodiacal wheel and is born again, wiser and weirder and more in tune with intuition, more able to look before it leaps. But the energy still leaps…..and sometimes into other realms. There’s no place like home…

In Return to Oz, when Dorothy spends the night in an ultra-creepy (if fashionable) Victorian psych ward, Ozma asks, “Why did they bring you here, Dorothy?” Dorothy answers, “Because I can’t sleep, and I talk about a place that I’ve been to, but nobody believes exists.” This is just before Dorothy’s electroshock therapy, which never happens due to an electrical storm outside. Hmmm. And on the subject of heads, can anyone forget when Dorothy visits Princess Mombi and her epically terrifying collection of detachable heads?

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“What do you think? Mombi asks, right after she detaches her head.

“I think you’re very beautiful.”

“I should hope so.”

What we see with our eyes or with our third eye directly influences the ways in which we see ourselves and the world and the zodiacal wheel reminds us that we are part of a whole made up of parts and the brain is not (even when detached) separate from the body. Aries season also makes me think of Oliver Sacks’ writing on migraines, hallucinations, seizures, and other brain-originating '“disorders.” Sacks, like Return to Oz, urges us to see what we would typically perceive as “disordered” as information that can show us our highest selves. It grants us access if we pay attention.

Look to where Aries falls in your chart. These are extra head-brain-eye energy spaces for you for the next week or so. For me, Aries season is usually infused with lots of intense energy. I find that keeping busy is essential — writing, working, and researching. When I’m stagnant during Aries season, the energy can quickly turn against me and it gets harder to work with. Moodiness, outbursts, agitation, and general uneasiness ensue. I find that the remedy for a head afflicted with fiery Aries is never judgement or interrogation, but gentle curiosity.

The magic of astrology lies in its alchemical wisdoms. We can turn one thing into another thing. It’s possible to turn agitation into curiosity into something that can work in your favor, a fuck yes energy instead of a deeply troubled one. And if deeply troubled (and we all are, in some way), Aries reminds us that there’s a fine line between lunatic and luminary and the collective headspace is never not wild. Aries is visceral and curious. Don’t judge your head, use the info it’s offering you. It takes the same amount of energy.

Oliver Sacks said, “We see with the eyes, but we see with the brain as well. And seeing with the brain is often called imagination.”

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