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Chiron in Aries is Punk: Healing Identity Wounds and Deconditioning

Chiron in Aries (Feb. 2019-2027) wants us to heal our old identity wounds and move forward. How do we move forward as individuals and as a collective? Forward might mean moving fluidly between boundaries and revolution, throwing away old rules and self-assumptions, abandoning syncopation, and questioning everything. But first: Who or what is Chiron? What does it mean for earthlings that Chiron has taken up residence in Aries? What does punk have to do with it? How can we use this energy to move forward?

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Chiron has an irregular orbit and stays in Aries longer than any other sign, signaling that it has some serious work to do here. As far as astral identity, Chiron is a hybrid. The oddities of Chiron (whom I will refer to sometimes and lovingly as C.) as celestial body (a la astronomy, astrology’s straight-laced younger sister) reveals a lot about what C. is here to teach us. Discovered in 1977 (the heyday of punk), Chiron’s orbit is irregular and moves primarily between Saturn and Uranus. C. communicates between the personal (inner) planets and the transpersonal (outer) planets and is classified as both comet and minor planet, though there’s still debate. Many astronomers think C. wasn’t an original part of our solar system, making it the ultimate outsider-teacher – holding up a mirror and asking us to look. But like, really look. When you really look, you see the imperfections and the wounds. And when you heal yourself (accept the imperfections, learn from the wounds, and stop wounding others) you can start to heal others. Eventually, the collective starts to heal.

In mythology, Chiron is not quite animal, not quite human. This asteroid-planet-comet-healer exists in the in-between and where do we heal if not in liminal spaces? Chiron’s movement between boundary-oriented Saturn and uber-weird-transformation-agent Uranus signals a certain fluidity of character, an entity that is equally capable of getting cozy with the traditionalist of the zodiac (Saturn) and the unpredictable anarchist (Uranus). Dear C. is the weird ruler of all that is not easily classifiable, that which stretches the mind, and that which makes you to pause and go “huh?” What happens when this hybrid curer makes Aries (the sign that urges us to begin, to identify, and to be resilient) her home? How do we best utilize the Chiron in Aries vibe? My suggestions: Read outside your comfort zone, look at new art, revisit punk. Punk, like Chiron in Aries, says: Do It Yourself. Joey Ramone, like Chiron in Aries, says: “What they teach you in school doesn’t prepare you for life.” Patti Smith, like Chiron in Aries, says: “My mission is to communicate, to wake people up, to give them my energy and accept theirs.”

Patti Smith, by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1975.

Patti Smith, by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1975.

 Virginia Woolf’s book Orlando is very Chiron in Aries. Orlando, the hero/in morphs from male to female and the plot spans three-hundred years of Victorian gloominess, heartbreak, isolation, and revelation. Chiron in Aries is offers space to make connections, cross-reference, deprogram from the comfort zone, surround yourself with those who are different from you in order to heal and learn, pull intel from your favorite realms, and (re)build your identity from the ground up. The Orlando of it all teaches us that we have the potential to understand the world from multiple multiples and we should use that potential for healing, not for separation and label-fixation. Break down boundaries punk-style, but with the wisdom of C. in Aries. So, don’t be contrarian for the sake of it. Chiron’s current placement is also about finding the freedom to choose. In Orlando, Virginia Woolf writes: “I’m sick to death of this particular self. I want another.” 

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Look to the sign and house that Chiron inhabits (in the sky and in your natal chart) for clues as to what will be called to the forefront to heal and become a healer. Chiron in Aries is like a salve for the identity wound because Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and is identity-centric. We come out of the womb head-first. Here I am. It’s our first moment of selfhood, but we don’t yet know how to judge. We accept everyone and we are moldable. C. says figure out who you are so you can realize, again, that we are all one. Shed social conditioning and get back to the original and curious self.  

There’s a childish boldness to Aries. Aries says there’s wisdom in inexperience, so act now. Joey Ramone: “Play before you get good, because by the time you get good, you’re too old to play.” Aries is loud, honest, forthcoming, and just does the thing. Chiron in Aries wants you to heal your fear of being who you are, while also urging you to begin whatever you’re wanting to begin but have been too afraid to start. Well the kids are all hopped up and ready to go…. 

More on Chiron in Aries to come. We’ve got 6+ years to go.

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