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Astrology is an intricate system for helping us more fully understand and accept ourselves and others. We live on a planet (crazy, right?!) surrounded by other planets. We all revolve around the sun in our little corner of the Milky Way Galaxy. As earthlings, we’re impacted by our planet’s gravitational pull (think: the moon and the tides) and so too are we influenced by other planets and celestial bodies in the galaxy. This is empowering, because there are lots of powerful energies out there and you can harness them. I approach astrology intuitively and through the lens of my experiences as a writer and artist. I like to make connections between our cultural moment (esp. modern and contemporary art practices and the wellness world) and what’s at play in the sky. I also keep in mind the guiding principle of astrology: As above, so below. When we look to the outside world (think: planets, stars, people, our earthly environment) as a tool for better understanding our internal world, we get a hit of healing. Astrology is an incredible lens with which to look at larger, more difficult to contain topics (insert: anything). In a session, we get real about your needs and go from there. Below, you’ll find detailed descriptions of my offerings. For my arty-astrologizing, head to The Avant-Galaxy.

A Chart Reading offers insight and clarity into your own energetics and current planetary influences. This is a solid place to start. My chart readings are intuitive, grounded, and guided by your questions and concerns. We delve into what needs to be released, embraced, how current planetary aspects are impacting you, and how to work with them.

Astroplanning is a grounded approach to harnessing planetary energies in your daily life. Adding planetary influences into your plan adds depth and energetic understanding. In a consultation, we get clear on your goals (personal, business, etc.), timeframes, and current astro-influences and begin to develop a concrete plan. Plans are highly individualized and based on our conversation. Plans can be for a small amount of time, specific events, or even for 1+ years into the future.

The full astroplanning (with custom calendar and written plan) is a super user-friendly and specific plan for moving forward and harnessing the particular planetary energies that are influencing your chart over a period of time. Based on your goals, I provide guidance on the most supportive dates and a clear (and entertaining) write-up for you to reference anytime.

I so look forward to working with you and please contact me with any questions.